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Sound Healings

Personal Intuitive Sound Transmission 
By Video or Phone Link-up

These are one on one Sound Healing Sessions are tailored completely to the individual needs of the client at the time of the session.

Playing the Energy

Troy will intuitively "play the energy" to deliver to your energy field the healing that your soul is asking for at this time to support your growth and expansion,

Around the World and Through the Ages

Troy plays a number of instruments from different cultures, which supports the sitter in connecting with a variety of different cultures, at times connecting them with past lifetimes and aspects of self,  which can be a very healing experience.

What can I Expect?

Everyone is different, however sitters have often reported going on spirit journeys in the session, letting go of heaviness, memories, energies and a general feeling of lightness afterwards.  There have also been reports of heart openings / expansions, warmth, tears and emotion.  Everyone's experience is completely different and it is best to go in with an intention for the session without expectation of a result.

How Long will the Session Take? 

Sound Sessions generally go as long as the energy is there to transmit.  Usually that is between half hour and 45 minutes.

How is Your Personal Sound Healing Transmission Delivered?

At the agreed time, Troy will connect with you on Video Link up through one of the following platforms.

Preparing for your Sound Healing Transmission

  • Drink plenty of water in the lead-up to the session

  • If possible, wear headphones.  This will give you a better quality experience of the sound being shared in the session.

  • Prepare a safe / nurturing space where you can experience the journey away from all distractions. This could be in your car, a room in your house, park, or wherever you feel comfortable to  experience the session.

  • Arrange for a distraction free hour.  Ensure people know you are not available during that time.

  • During the session, shifts may happen, so allow yourself the space to move, shout, cry, groan, dance or do whatever you need to do in order that you honour and allow the energy arising for letting go.

Troy Flute River.jpg

"An amazing healing where I traveled and received the medicine I needed . I am buzzing I am full and feel so enlightened. You have an amazing gift and  a New number one fan !!! You are just amazing."

Bec (Energy Healer - Sunshine Coast)



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