Native American Flute Lessons

Personalised Native American Flute lessons by video link-up, from Beginner to Advanced.​

Native American Flute:

The Native American Flute is a special instrument of the North American Indians.  It is extremely simple to learn, with only 5 or 6 holes and generally played intuitively with no sheet music.

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Teaching Process:

The teaching process is very simple, and covers areas such as :

  • Finger positions,

  • breath,

  • flute care, 

  • posture,

  • moving around the flute,

  • Clearing the flute out of saliva,

  • playing with beats / rythms, etc,

  • Special Effects to make your playing pop.

Lessons are divided into a Beginner Lesson and an Advanced Lesson.  I will meet each student exactly where they are at their current level of abiity.  Some people will only need a gentle prodding to re-awaken dormant memories of primary school recorder practice, whereas, others will require more diligent effort to develop playing skills.  Either way, this is a very easy instrument to learn and ANYONE can do it!

What You Get:

Lessons go for an hour of in person time, followed up with an emailed e-book which covers all the material taught in the lesson.

How are the Lessons Delivered?


In Person

Sunshine Coast Location.




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