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Native American Flute Lessons

All Lessons Come with a Free


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Personalised Native American Flute lessons by video link-up, from Beginner to Advanced.​

  • Super Easy instrument to learn,

  • Work with your Breath,

  • Enhance rythm,

  • Get in tune with your creative expression,

  • Develop your sense of tone and musical awareness,

  • Play from the heart, or seek out sheet music,

  • Support your own healing journey and those around you,

  • A check in point for relaxation and unwinding,

  • Play with other instruments too.

All lessons are tailored specifically to the student, their skill level and their goals on the instrument.

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Beginner Lessons

Foundations on the Native American Flute

Video or in Person Lessons

  • Finger positions,

  • breath,

  • flute care, 

  • posture,

  • moving around the flute,

  • Scales,

  • Clearing the flute out of saliva,

  • playing with beats / rythms, etc,

Advanced Lessons

Advanced Techniques - Native American Flute

Video or in Person Lessons

Advanced Lessons Expand on the foundations to support your playing to go next level.

  • Learn 10 Special Effects to help your playing to really pop!

  • Learn to play with other instruments,

  • Learn to play to a set beat / drum.


Here's a recording I did on one of my favourite Flutes

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