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Native American Flute Lessons

Personalised Native American Flute lessons by video link-up, from Beginner to Advanced.​

  • Super Easy instrument to learn,

  • Work with your Breath,

  • Enhance rythm,

  • Get in tune with your creative expression,

  • Develop your sense of tone and musical awareness,

  • Play from the heart, or seek out sheet music,

  • Support your own healing journey and those around you,

  • A check in point for relaxation and unwinding,

  • Play with other instruments too.

All lessons are tailored specifically to the student, their skill level and their goals on the instrument.

Flute Class Testimonials
“We learned so much in such a short time Troy is an excellent facilitator.” Marie - Bundaberg

“Thank you Troy for a truly fabulous Native American Flute workshop. Thanks for putting a newby at ease !” Simone - Sunshine Coast

All Lessons Come with a Free


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Beginner Lessons

Foundations on the Native American Flute

Video or in Person Lessons

  • Finger positions,

  • breath,

  • flute care, 

  • posture,

  • moving around the flute,

  • Scales,

  • Clearing the flute out of saliva,

  • playing with beats / rythms, etc,

Advanced Lessons

Advanced Techniques - Native American Flute

Video or in Person Lessons

Advanced Lessons Expand on the foundations to support your playing to go next level.

  • Learn 10 Special Effects to help your playing to really pop!

  • Learn to play with other instruments,

  • Learn to play to a set beat / drum.


Trauma Informed 

If you're like Troy (and everyone else) you have some issues with self esteem, confidence, and some limiting beliefs about yourself and what you're capable of.  These negative voices might be an annoying background conversation while you're practicing your instrument, or at worst, can physically immobilise you, leaving you unable to practice or play at all!

Troy has trained in a variety of modalities for working with limiting beliefs and trauma, both somatically and cognitively and has worked with clients for many years in the past. Indeed, through his own instrumental journey, Troy has navigated negative self talk that has often left him paralysed to learn and go forwards. 

As part of your lessons, we may employ strategies to navigate and give nurturing attention to any blocks that arise to you learning or progressing. 

If you want to take that journey deeper, Troy offers Conscious Conversations, to support individuals to unravel stuck thinking and feeling patterns.

Here's a recording Troy did on one of his favourite, all time Native American Flutes (Laughing Crow)

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