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Didgeridoo Lessons

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With experienced player and Teacher Troy Chapman.

Circular Breathing lessons for health and to play didgeridoo online by video or in-person.  Beginner to Advanced.​


The didgeridoo is perhaps the oldest instrument in the world.

Many men feel the call to learn this instrument and/or to circular breath.  In fact, there can be significant health benefits of circular breathing including strengthening the respiratory system to benefit ailments such as asthma and sleep apnoea.


There is something deeply nourishing and grounding about playing didgeridoo and doing circular breathing.  In fact, other cultures such as the Balinese have been circular breathing to play their native flutes for many centuries. 

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Teaching Process:

The teaching process is very simple, and takes students through simple exercises aimed at progressively learning the elements of circular breath.

Because of the progressive nature of the teaching, students generally find that it is not particularly difficult to circular breath.

Should the student wish to apply this breath to the didgeridoo, Troy is also available to hold space for them to make this transition.

Later on, once students are confident in circular breath, you may wish to learn rythms and animal sounds.

What You Get:

Lessons go for an hour of in person time, 

Students will leave each lesson with a clear sense of specific exercises to do to progress towards their goal of playing the didgeridoo with t a continuous breath.

Students generally, fairly quickly grasp an overall flow to the process and what is required for them to reach their goal.

Students generally have a pretty good idea of how to play after the second lesson, although they are still perfecting the exercises to allow that to happen.

How are the Lessons Delivered?


In Person

Sunshine Coast Location.

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