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Creative Expression from the Soul can help you transcend any challenge with (more) grace...... 

Conscious Conversations​

Identify, challenge and transform patterns of thinking and self belief which are causing you suffering. Open to new ways of thinking and perceiving and create new possibilities for your life.

Music Lessons

There's a general introduction to the ethos behind music lessons with Sound Village in the middle of this video.

Native American Flute:​

The traditional flute of the Native North American people, this flute has a haunting, heartfelt sound and has a pentatonic, 5 note scale.  The best things for learners is that it is dead easy to learn!  It is normal played as a heart instrument, to purely express what is inside for the player.

Native American Flutes.jpg

Irish (Tin) Whistle

The Irish Whistle is one of the foundational instruments in "Trad" (Traditional) Music in Ireland.  It's hard to be unhappy when playing this, as it has a positive, up beat sound.  This instrument allows you to go deep into the music side of things, as there is a rich history.   if you can learn to read simple sheet music, you will open up hundreds of thousands of tunes and learning the "Embellishments" can give your playing depth and sophistication.  


Beginner Guitar​

Learn the basics of guitar - 

Tuning, chords, finger picking, strumming and learning to play along with your favourite songs (should you choose to sing).


Didgeridoo and Circular Breathing​

Learn the art of circular breathing in a personalised, guided process. Take home exercises to get you playing fast.  Rythms and animal noises once the breathing is on. Absolute beginners welcome.


Celtic Fiddle Lessons 

Celtic Style fiddle - learn the basics and to read music too.  Irish music has a massive amount of music across the ages.  Feel the beat and find some tunes you love.  

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