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Private Classes

How about Booking a Private Class?
Just you and your chosen friends in a relaxed and guided space.  Learn to play your chosen instrument with specific and easy to follow instructions from an experienced teacher, instrumentalist and flute maker
- 3 or more people
- A private natural location of your choosing
- Sacred Space of Learning and Expert guidance

- Plenty of space to practice, integrate, and ask questions
- Videos or notes with Content sent following the workshop for reference
- Instruments Provided and Sold!

Bamboo Flutes
(Quena Style and Side Blown for Sale) - Made by Troy
Native American Flutes - Available for sale
Circular Breathing - PVC Didgeridoos $20 each.

Absolute Beginner to Advanced Players Welcome

Meet the Instruments
and Your Teacher....

Video Coming!

(1) Choose an Instrument
Lets Do it!...

Native American Flute 

South American Quena Style Flute

Side Blown Bamboo Flute

Didgeridoo / Circular Breathing

(2) Choose 2 or more Friends

(3) Choose a Location

(Somewhere Quiet where you won't be disturbed - Outdoors under a tree, national park, or in a pergola or verandah are great options)

(4) Investment
Complete the form below for a quote.
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We're Interested in Learning....
Number of People in Your Group
Yes Please!  Contact Me with More Information About Private Classes

Congratulations! Form Successfully lodged. Troy will contact you in the next 48 hours with pricing and date options for your Class.

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