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NDIS Provider

"Music Lessons, Confidence, Self Expression, Focus, Support"

Over time, Troy has supported Several NDIS clients with Instrumental Lessons, which have supported them to:

  • become more expressive,

  • Give them a positive focus and routine

  • Have more self awareness of breath and posture,

  • Become more confident and have pride in themselves,

  • Give them goals and means to achieve them,

  • Social interaction and building relationships.

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Music Lesson Options:

Troy is an experienced teacher, and offers a number of options to your NDIS Clients.  He can pitch lessons at a level and in a way that is perfectly suited to your client.  This could be gently drumming on the Djembe together with a high needs client, or teaching a high functioning client to read music and play the Tin Whistle.

Troy always pitches lessons for clients in the best possible way for their learning styles.  As part of the process, he is experienced at supporting students to confront blocks & negative self talk and is able to consistently support them through that process. 

Instruments accessible through the program include:
  • Guitar

  • Tin / Irish Whistle

  • Native Flutes (North and South American, side Blown Bamboo)

  • Mandolin

  • Violin

  • Djembe Drum

  • Didgeridoo and Circular Breathing for men.

Trauma Informed Approach

Most people have some limitations when learning something new, especially when that things involves making a lot of noise and expressing yourself!!  NDIS clients usually need extra support in this area and Troy has trained in some somatic and Belief Releasing techniques which some students find beneficial when navigating negative self talk and paralysis when playing in front of others. Troy holds these techniques and awarenesses at the top of his mind in delivering sessions to NDIS clients.

Delivery of Lessons 

These lessons are  delivered  in person  - Gold Coast region, but sessions are also available online by video link up.

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