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Beginner Guitar Lessons

& For Accompaniment

Become a confident guitar player and accompany yourself and others with songs and music.

Who are these lessons for?

Absolute beginners or those who have a little bit under your belt, and want to learn the basics and play chords, fingerpick, and play to accompany yourself and  others.

In these lessons, you will learn to:

  • Tune your guitar,

  • Hold the guitar comfortably,

  • Receive a list of chords and instruction on how to play them,

  • Learn which chords to play together (Keys)

  • Learn foundational music theory to help you give perspective to your guitar playing

  • Hand positions and chord shapes,

  • Strumming Patterns,

  • Finger-picking techniques

  • How to play guitar AND Sing at the same time......

Delivery of Lessons 

These lessons are currently delivered  in person only. - Gold Coast . Norther NSW Location.

Find out More information and Bookings,

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