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Beginner Guitar Lessons 

Want to become a confident player of the Guitar and accompany yourself and others singing your favourite songs? 

Learning guitar is possibly the greatest step towards musical enjoyment and sharing, given that it can be played solo, or enjoyed in a group setting.

Guitar is a portable and accessible instrument, however there are some areas of learning required to truly enjoy the instrument and incorporate it into your musical experience.

In these lessons, you will learn to:
●    Tune your guitar,
●    Hold the guitar comfortably,
●    Receive a list of chords and instruction on how to play them,
●    Hand positions and chord shapes,
●    Strumming Patterns,


And, if you desire to play and sing together, you can 
●    Receive tuition on how to put it all together. 

Delivery of Lessons 

These lessons are currently delivered  in person only. - Sunshine Coast Location.

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