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My Gratitude to the following students, who have generously shared their experience of these lessons so you can have an idea what to expect.  Troy

Phil - Melbourne

Didgeridoo / Circular Breathing - Video Lessons


"Having returned from a trip to Cairns with a didgeridoo in hand, my goal was to learn how to do something with it and not leave it sitting in the house as an ornament.

I gave the process a shot myself, but found that if I was going to do this justice and also master the technique I would need a teacher.


After finding Troy on line and setting up our first online session I was a bit concerned if this would work remotely, but soon found that it was the same as being in the same space.

Troy provided me a specific step by step process that I was too learn between lessons, backed with instructions or a short video of the technique. I set about learning practicing daily, during the lessons Troy pointed out areas where I was going wrong, and helped with pulling me back to the basics when needed, as getting the circular breathing correct is really the key.


Overall if you want to learn correctly I suggest getting in touch with Troy, and spending 10 minutes a day practicing and soon like me, playing will become second nature and you will be hooked.

Thanks Troy!"

Tony - Pomona

Irish (Tin) Whistle 


"About four years ago I met with Troy, in person,for some lessons with tin whistle. In total I had near on twenty sessions. Previously I had little music knowledge...a beginner.  In that time I learnt timing,tempo and sight reading, which without I wouldn't have progressed to be able to see new music and process it myself. Im still playing and able to now play with other musicians. Troy is a very enthusiastic and encouraging teacher. I do not see myself as a natural musican, but have been able to achieve my ongoing goals with his foundational help. Thanks  Troy. Playing an instrument is great therapy!"
Native American Flute Mt

Marie - Bundaberg

Native American Flute Class


“We learned so much in such a short time Troy is an excellent facilitator.” 


Simone - Sunshine Coast

Native American Flute Class


Thank you Troy for a truly fabulous Native American Flute workshop. Thanks for putting a newby at ease !” 

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