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Rim Blown Flute Lessons

Personalised Rim Blown Flute Lessons, from Beginner to Advanced.​ (Quena or Shakuhachi styles)

Bamboo flutes have been played for eons as a means of relaxation, and musical expression.  The natural and earthy sound of the bamboo is inspiring and soulful.  Indeed, it is highly satisfying when you can reliably play these flutes.

In these lessons, you will learn to:

  • How to get a strong tone out of the instrument (Lip shape, posture, angle, etc),

  • Make solid contact with the holes for a reliable and strong tone,

  • Use your breath to get more out of your playing,

  • Scales and how to flip between octaves,

  • Do various embellishments to make your playing super interesting

  • Connect with the instrument and play naturally and expressively,

  • Relax into your playing for maximum enjoyment.

  • Line up with a beat 

  • Internalise the tune and beat for more depth

Find out More information and Bookings,

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The focus of these lessons is to master the fundamentals of the instrument first, Elements such as fingering and breathing first and foremost, followed by some of the artsy special effects common to all flutes.


Lessons go for an hour or half hour.  Weekly or fortnightly lessons are recommended in order to ensure forward momentum.

How are the Lessons Delivered?

Online via video, or in person.  South East Qld Location.

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