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Transformation Sessions

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Time to live your BEST LIFE!

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Step up beyond stuckness and suffering to lead the life you truly want and deserve.  Identify and release the thinking and feeling patterns and beliefs to rise above the struggle and truly live from a new perspective. 

A little About Me

Hi guys, my name is Troy and I've been holding space for people to become aware of their patterns and move forward in life since 2012.

That journey has taken me through a number of modalities such as Emotional Freedom Techniques, Matrix Reimprinting, The work of Byron Katie, not to mention yoga, Breathwork, and awareness practices.

I've done the hard yards practicing the heck out of those modalities in the form taught to me.  In recent years, I have been more inclined to open gentle conversation and allow people to talk.  

Listening - Be heard 

You see, it's not my job to fix you.  So many therapists these days are focussed on getting results, it puts a pressure on things and in that pressure people don't always feel safe to share.  For me, LISTENING is a key element. To hear about your experience, so I can know what questions to ask, and what you actually require to move forward.

What Are the Sessions Like?

So, in these Transformation Sessions, you will experience:
- A listening Ear,
- Questions to help bring out the heart of the matter,
- Simple, yet powerful processes applied at the right time to help you clear and replace limited thinking with a new and more expanded sense of self.
- The great thing is that these processes are easy to learn and you can be your own practitioner over time.
- Tips, traps, pitfalls, awarenesses and experience gained from conducting many hundreds of sessions over 15 years and from self teaching myself multiple Instruments.

The Process of Change 

For those who really need to know this stuff, the setup would be something like this:

A) You come along to our session (Phone, Video, In Person) with one or more challenges facing you in your life. Things that are weighing you down, emotional pain, physical issues, financial issues, relationship issues.  Or you may be wanting to expand your life, but keep getting stuck in the same place.

B) We sit in Conversation and I listen and ask questions to drill down to the cause. 

C) Patterns begin to emerge and the thinking and believing that created those patterns is identified.


D) We apply gentle processes to question and let go of that thinking, at which point a new perspective will be available to you, like a doorway to a new life.  This part may include memories coming up of the source of the limited belief and we gracefully allow that to move through the space until it is gone.  Emotional imprinting is at the core of all beliefs and is important to honour that.


E) After you leave, you usually have work to do to sustain the new perspective and change your wiring to the new way of living you are moving into now.  This could include, changing your diet, watching and changing your thoughts, Meditating, exercising more, breathing, drinking different water, etc.


Over time, I have seen people's lives change very quickly once they truly commit to this process of transformation.  Literally, seeming miracles (though not to be relied upon) have showed up when people truly "go there" and are prepared to get vulnerable, see what is going on under the surface, and feel it.

My gratitude for reading this far!

If the above feels like a good match for you, I would be very happy to have a 15 minute chat and see if these sessions might be a good fit for you.


About Troy

Troy has been training in and practicing various self awareness and therapeutic modalities on himself and clients since 2003.  EFT Tapping, The Work of Byron Katie, Matrix Reimprinting, and Reiki Levels 1-Master are some of the modalities he has trained in over the years.

More About Troy >

Preparing for your Session

  • Drink plenty of water in the lead-up to the Session

  • If possible, wear headphones.  This will give you a clearer experience of the dialogue and allow you to focus more clearly.

  • Prepare a safe / nurturing space where you can be away from all distractions. This could be in your car, a room in your house, park, or wherever you feel comfortable to  experience the session.

  • Arrange for a distraction free hour.  Ensure people know you are not available during that time.

  • During the Conversation, shifts may happen, so allow yourself the freedom to shout, cry, or express yourself in any way required.

  • Finally, ensure you have up to an hour after the conversation free to just be and come back to normal functioning consciousness.  You may go quite deep in here and it's important not to have to rush back into work or home duties.

Platforms for the Session

Feedback from Transformation Sessions

"Hi Troy, Many thanks for today.  You are an angel in this world.  My son feels lighter after the conversation.  Interesting how the universe works, maybe the session was meant for him all along."

Kara (Perth )

After our session I’m finding it a little difficult to believe, but I have shifted and for the first time in a long time I feel positive and looking forward to the future:)  It almost seems that I haven’t really done enough to have moved past my heavy heart, yet I seem to have done exactly that!….. So simple, yet incredibly powerful.   I awoke on Thursday with a lightness of attitude and for the first time in a very long time, my mind wasn’t racing over all the ‘thoughts’. I actually think there have been moments….long moments….where I haven’t even had a thought.  That is incredibly amazing to me as I am ALWAYS thinking about something!  All I can say is WOW!  It is now Saturday and I feel strong and empowered to get on with my life :)

D Jones (Sunshine Coast)

Dear Troy, Thank you so much for today! A heavy weight is finally gone and I feel very light and easy. 
It is wonderful to work with you, I really love our sessions because I can see how much I have improved since we started.
You are a great supporter and it comes natural to open up, you are just there to help to shift from old beliefs. Love your work!
Thank you for sharing the experience!

Kathrin (Brisbane)

Heartfelt thanks to Troy who today created a sacred space of powerful healing that I may transcend limitation in my life and embrace completely a larger landscape for the illumination of my soul's perfect plan...namaste

Tanya - Psychic Medium and Healer (Gold Goast)

I have had several healing sessions with Troy over the phone and he is a kind caring and gifted practitioner. He has helped me clear some blockages and bring clarity to past events with ease and grace. Now that they have been dissolved I am so much closer to realizing my dreams... Thanks Troy!

Indira - Holistic Healer (Canberra) 

I recently had a session over the phone with Troy and it was pretty amazing. He made me aware of a very old childhood pattern and then helped to shift it dramatically using some very advanced EFT and energy healing techniques. Very impressive stuff.

Matthew - Website Design (Sunshine Coast -Qld) 

Doing a session over the phone with Troy was amazing... Just as if he was right with me.  I had a VERY powerful shift with one of my core issues.  Aaron is a master at holding safe space and guiding with EFT thru the most difficult situations... Resulting in a lifting of a burden i'd carried for 49 years.  Cleared in 40 minutes of clear, precise caring EFT process.  You were my angel that day. Thanks Troy
Satina - Law of Attraction Expert (Gold Coast-Qld) 

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Important Disclaimer

These conversations are of therapeutic value only and are not intended to replace treatment by medical professionals such as your GP or Psychologists. Please consult your GP, Psychologist or other health professional prior to booking one of these sessions. 

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