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Release Limiting Beliefs

Enter a simple, yet powerful process to identify and release limiting belief systems that are holding you back

This simple questioning process can be conducted over phone or video link.


Troy holds a safe container to allow you to see, question and let go of beliefs that are holding you back.

  • I'm not good enough,

  • I never get what I want,

  • Patterns with earning money (including money ceilings),

  • Emotional set points in relationship,

  • Family lineage beliefs,

  • or any other limiting factor

Sit in space so the relevant limitation can come to the surface and be challenged for release.

$120 AUD for a conversation lasting up to 1.5 hours.

Call Troy now! >




Important Disclaimer

These conversations are of therapeutic value only and are not intended to replace treatment by medical professionals such as your GP or Psychologists. Please consult your GP, Psychologist or other health professional prior to booking one of these sessions. 

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Feedback from Conscious Conversations:

"Hi Troy, Many thanks for today.  You are an angel in this world.  My son feels lighter after the conversation.  Interesting how the universe works, maybe the session was meant for him all along."

Kara (Perth )

After our session I’m finding it a little difficult to believe, but I have shifted and for the first time in a long time I feel positive and looking forward to the future:)  It almost seems that I haven’t really done enough to have moved past my heavy heart, yet I seem to have done exactly that!….. So simple, yet incredibly powerful.   I awoke on Thursday with a lightness of attitude and for the first time in a very long time, my mind wasn’t racing over all the ‘thoughts’. I actually think there have been moments….long moments….where I haven’t even had a thought.  That is incredibly amazing to me as I am ALWAYS thinking about something!  All I can say is WOW!  It is now Saturday and I feel strong and empowered to get on with my life :)

D J (Sunshine Coast)

Dear Troy, Thank you so much for today! A heavy weight is finally gone and I feel very light and easy. 
It is wonderful to work with you, I really love our sessions because I can see how much I have improved since we started.
You are a great supporter and it comes natural to open up, you are just there to help to shift from old beliefs. Love your work!
Thank you for sharing the experience!

Kathrin (Brisbane)

Heartfelt thanks to Troy who today created a sacred space of powerful healing that I may transcend limitation in my life and embrace completely a larger landscape for the illumination of my soul's perfect plan...namaste

Tanya - Psychic Medium and Healer (Gold Goast)

I have had several healing sessions with Troy over the phone and he is a kind caring and gifted practitioner. He has helped me clear some blockages and bring clarity to past events with ease and grace. Now that they have been dissolved I am so much closer to realizing my dreams... Thanks Aaron!

Indira - Holistic Healer (Canberra) 

I recently had a session over the phone with Troy and it was pretty amazing. He made me aware of a very old childhood pattern and then helped to shift it dramatically using some very advanced EFT and energy healing techniques. Very impressive stuff.

Matthew - Energy Medicine Practitioner (Sunshine Coast -Qld) 

Doing a session over the phone with Troy was amazing... Just as if he was right with me.  I had a VERY powerful shift with one of my core issues.  Aaron is a master at holding safe space and guiding with EFT thru the most difficult situations... Resulting in a lifting of a burden i'd carried for 49 years.  Cleared in 40 minutes of clear, precise caring EFT process.  You were my angel that day. Thanks Aaron
Satina - Law of Attraction Expert (Gold Coast-Qld) 

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