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Downloadable Video -

3 Videos - for Beginners


1 - How to make a sound

2 - How to play in the second Octave & Breathing

3 - Introducing Scales and How to hold the flute




I actually was playing (my Flute) last night and watching your videos.

I am getting better ! And really enjoying it!

Your videos are great too very helpful. I have the sound and fingers all good it’s just practice now to find a flow.

P.s I love my flute so much ! (Quena with Shakuhachi tuning) Especially with my birthday on it very special to me thanks again 🙏

Amanda - Gympie


Simply Purchase the video and you will be given a link to download a Zip file

You will be required to unzip these files to play them. If you don't have access to a computer or tablet to do this, I can email you a private link to these videos on You Tube.


Other Lessons in the Series

- Lesson 4 (Advanced) - Special Effects and Embellishments to make your playing sound like a Pro

Quena Flute Beginner Series -3 Videos

  • This is a series of 3 Videos to help Beginners on the South American Quena to get established on the flute.

    Video 1 - How to make a Sound (Mouth Emouchure, Lips, Tongue, Breath, Diaphragm)

    Video 2 - How to Play in the Second Octave

    Video 3 - Introducing Scales and How to hold the Flute

    Downloadable videos as a single zip file

    If you don't have access to a laptop or tablet to view the files, a link to 3 youtube videos can be sent

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