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Native American Flute

Lesson 2 - Advanced Special Effects


Downloadable Video - 

Includes an E-Book with all the content Summarised for your Convenience


Advanced Special Effects & Embellishments to have you Sounding like a Pro

In this video:

Learn a Library of 10 Special Effects to Take your Flute Playing to the Next Level, including:

- Slurs

- Pops

- Trills

- Vibrato

- Bounce, and More

- Practice Guidelines,

- Plus, Learn how to access 3 Extra, Mystery High Notes on your flute not commonly known.


Simply Purchase the video and you will be given a link to download the file - 408MB Zip File


Other Lessons in the Series

- Lesson 1 (Beginner) - Learn the Basics to Fast Track your playing and give you a solid foundation on the Native American Flute

 - Combined Beginner and Advanced Native American Flute Lesson Pack

Advanced Level - Native American Flute Video Lessons Online

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