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Welcome to this portal for Sacred Sound and Evolution.  Sound is medicine for our mind, our heart, and our body. On this site, you have the opportunity to engage-

  • As a Listener of Sound Healing Journeys

  • As a Learner of an instrument

Please feel free to contact us with any questions and enjoy the Journey..........

Sound Healing Audios

Listen & Download Now!


Listen to Sound Healing Journeys Live on the site.  Recorded by Troy on Bamboo Flute over a bed of beats, guitar and keys.    

Online Video Lessons 

15 years playing, 5 years teaching Native American and Other Native Flute Lessons.  Now the best parts Recorded into easy to follow,  condensed, Downloadable Videos!

Fast Track  Bamboo & Native American Flute, Video Lessons Here from Just $20!

Flute Lessons by Video Download


Flute Workshop Troy.jpg

Your Own Private Class

Find out More...

Private Classes - Native American Flute / Didgeridoo 

For over 5 years I have been teaching Native American and Other Native Flute Lessons.

Nothing beats the heightened energy of the group class and now I offer private classes for 3+ people to help you Fast Track your Playing.  Online or in Qld, Australia.

  • Bamboo Flute,

  • ​Native American Flute,

  • Circular Breathing Lessons

​in a Private Group Setting

Bamboo Flutes are in the Village!

The Journey of Flute making with bamboo has been very rewarding and I am loving the process of refining them to play better and better and be more visually appealing. 

Have a look at the flutes on the link below.

Check out the Bamboo
Flutes Here.

Bamboo Flutes


What's in this portal?

Buy Flutes


A variety of Traditional Flutes available, including:

  • Cedar Native American Flutes

  • Side Blown Bamboo Flutes,

  • End Blown Bamboo Flutes playing 2 octaves with Quena Mouthpiece and Pentatonic 5 not scale tuning.

Sound Healings

IMG_3348 (2).JPG

Intuitive Sound Healing Transmissions by phone or Video Link up.  Didgeridoo, Native Flutes, Guitar, Percussion, Voice.  Go on an inner journey, or just let go and relax.  

Currently Not Available

Music Lessons

Atlantean Earth.JPG


Learn an instrument, release negative programming, and step into a magical world of creative expression.

More Info - Click above on the instrument you want to learn.


Atlantean Earth_edited.jpg

Events such as Native American flute and didgeridoo workshops, Sound Healing events, group chanting and spontaneous expression.

More About Troy​

Troy has trained and practiced mind / body / spirit modalities such as EFT Tapping and The Work of Byron Katie for over 10 years.  Alongside this, he has also played a variety of instruments for his own self expression and healing over the years, which he now also shares with others.  He has a strong foot in celtic and native American music, however is a natural singer and musician and effortlessly converts subtle energies into exquisite and powerful songs which offer a portal for transformation and release,

On a variety of instruments, Troy supports you to access many different aspects of self from past and lineage.


  • different flutes from around the world,

  • didgeridoo, 

  • angelic vocals. 

  • melodic guitar, and

  • percussion which penetrates through and supports the release of stuckness. 

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