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This beautiful flute is a side blown flute with the native American Pentatonic scale. Please note it only plays one note in the second octave due to the style of flute. Refer to the video in the product profile which talks about the style of Flute.


Listing is in Australian Dollars.


Key - D Minor Pentatonic Scale. A = 432

Please look at the video at the end of the pictures where I play the flute and talked about it.

Flute does not come with a case as I’m in the process of having more made.




5 note pentatonic scale which is typical to both Native American flutes and Shakuhachi Flutes from Japan.





Flute - Bamboo

Cured in the hot Qld Sun - 2 months

Burned under flame to remove the oils

Inside the flute - painted with Food Grade Polyurethane (traditionally used on benchtops) to ensure there is no mould

Outside of the flute - Tung oil and Citronella has been rubbed into the flute to protect it

Bindings - Nylon

Tuning - Pentatonic 5-note scale as per Shakuhachi and Native American Flutes.



Mouth Embouchure:


As per the video included above, the flute will require you to develop the mouth embouchure (lips shape) to be able to make a clear sound on the flute. This takes time and training to develop, but with consistent practice, you can be making sounds quite quickly and then develop the sound to be stronger and more reliable over time. I have developed 2 training videos to assist you to practice the correct mouth embouchure to play these flutes.



Training Videos -


There are Beginner & Advanced training videos down- loadable in the online store for this style of flute.


Shipping Details - I Routinely choose standard shipping options, when posting flutes. The flute will come well protected in a cardboard postal tube. Postage from Australia automatically includes $100 AUD insurance on all items. If you would like to increase the insurance, add in signature on delivery, or Express shipping, please let me know.


Payment -


Postage - Once you have paid, I'll post the flute to your nominated address and a tracking number provided. If you elect to purchase the Training Videos, I will provide you with a link to download the videos withing 48 hours of your payment.


Once you receive the Flute, do drop me a quick message to let me know of the successful arrival!



Refund Policy:


I guarantee the quality of my flutes. Please note that there is a learning curve to being able to play this style of flute. You will notice in the video of me playing this flute that it plays nicely, with a full tone. You too can reach that level of skill on the flute with regular practice.


If you are unhappy with the quality of your flute, Refunds are possible if you notify me within 30 days of purchase of the flute of your intention to return the flute. A Refund is given once the undamaged flute is returned to my postal address in Australia. Return postage is the responsibility of the buyer.



I also teach Didgeridoo / Circular Breath and Irish Whistle online


Best Wishes and happy music-making to you!


D minor pentatonic - Side Blown bamboo flute

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