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I have made a variety of bamboo flutes over the last 6 months and am now feeling happy with the results (I'm a musician with a good ear which makes my standards high..)

The flutes come in a variety of keys and types.

Essentially, the core characters are:

Shakuhachi Tuning / Quena mouthpiece

Audio Coming

Flute & Fast Track Lesson Package for Beginners

Native American Flute Tuning on a Side-Blown Flute

Audio Coming

Mongolian Tuning - Side Blown

Audio Coming

Shakuhachi Tuning with the top note flattened by a semitone (becomes mysterious - almost middle eastern)



From $50 to $150, depending on the quality of the sound and appearance.  Each flute is assessed individually on appearance and playability.

I have some flutes kept aside for practice flutes at a cheaper price where there are slight errors in tuning.  

Learning to Play

If you have never played a flute before, don't despair.  I'm offering lessons in two ways:

(1) Video Series starting from absolute beginner to advanced. (I'm making it now)

(2) Lessons with me personally (In person, or by video link)  I offer a Fast Track Beginner Lesson to give you all the intel you need to get playing straight away.  Fast Track lessons are $70 for the hour, including a $10 discount for buying a flute.

To enquire about lessons, please complete the contact form, or call Troy on 0482528161.


Lessons go for an hour

How are the Lessons Delivered?

In person.  Sunshine Coast Location.

What do we cover in the Lessons?​

Beginner Lessons

  • How to get a solid & reliable sound out of the flute (make the flute embechure with your lips)

  • How to adjust your mouth shape to play in the two octaves (Low scale / high scale),

  • How to navigate the second octave

  • How to hold the flute and get a good seal on the holes,

  • How to Play from the diaphragm.

  • Scales

THEN, once you feel solid in the basics...

Advanced Lessons

  • 10 Special Effects that will make your playing really POP!!!!!!

  • Foundational elements to good flute playing

  • Playing with other instruments (eg, drum and guitar) and what key to tune your guitar in.

  • Other tips to take your playing next level.

Flute Lesson Video Series - on the way!

As mentioned above, I am in the process of creating a Flute lesson Video Series aimed at assisting Beginner and Advanced Level players to improve and become proficient on their instrument.

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